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Home Automation

This is the main idea behind EJS, the very tool that ties in all these separate technologies together seamlessly whether sound, alarm or camera, via apps and mobile access, as well as other , customizable options.

Security Alarms

Secure your home with the best equipment security has to offer as well as convenient access to your mobile phone through the home automation program exclusively from the EJS team. Only the finest in alarms will do for the most important asset of your life, your home and your family. Get secure with EJS.

Security Cameras

A hallmark at EJS, cameras are a must for any home .Another item featured that includes mobile access ,as well as unique capabilities and innovative anti-theft technologies, get started with your very own virtual watchdog at EJS.

Structured Cable Install

Wire up your Office/Home with Low Voltage & Network Cabling and computer functions for a true office experience via the services of EJS.

TV Installations

We install, as well as custom fit the screen to your home, along with couch and all-around audio/speaker coordination, providing clean- lined television experience at EJS.

Home Theaters

An EJS exclusive, we work with architects and designers to design a cutting-edge, all technologies-included home theater with all around and visuals, culminating to a real multisensory experience.

Audio/Sound Speaker Systems

Probably the coolest home tech feature, EJS is proud to now carry SONOS sound systems. Of course this can also be accessed with mobile phones, these speakers can be used for Music , TV Sound , or anything for that matter. Just think of the possibilities....

Lighting Control Systems

As part of the multisensory EJS home programming, lighting is offered in cutting edge and brilliant fashions, with brands such as CONTROL4. Remove your bland multi-light switches and replace them with a singular high-tech Lighting Keypad from Control4 all around your house.

Telephone Systems

A very vital feature indeed, EJS connects your home with the best in phone systems, featuring Avaya and Panasonic phone systems.

Intercom and Door Access Systems

With EJS even the intercoms and the doorbells get a high-tech upgrade. With video access and mobile capabilities, and the power to open , close ,and steer away unwanted visitors, these systems are the must have for a well-functioning EJS home.

WIFI Solutions

Trouble connecting to internet? Install practical WIFI solutions from your home or business that work, with one/multi access points that sync…providing a rock solid WIFI source.